「PARSLEY HOUSE」というネーミングには、料理に添えられるパセリのように、この建物が街を彩る存在になって欲しいという、オーナーの気持ちが込められています。形合わせパズルのような、少しユーモラスなこの建物が、これから先、街に永く愛されることを願っています。

PARSLEY HOUSE is an apartment building with four apartments for rent, one for the owner and one as a music school in a quiet residential area of Shinagawa. Each apartment has a window shaped as a different motif, and the same shape appears as an aperture of the interior partition. We aimed that the residents can feel attached to where they live as their own homes even though they are actually rented apartments. The name “PARSLEY HOUSE” represents the owner’s wish in which the building will accentuate the landscape of the neighborhood, just as a stalk of parsley accentuates the dish. We all wish this unique puzzle-like building will be loved for long by the residents and neighbors in town.


所在地 / 東京都品川区
規模構造 / RC造 地上3階地下1階
主要用途 / 共同住宅(賃貸住戸4戸+オーナー住宅+音楽教室)
敷地面積 / 98.42㎡
建築面積 / 71.85㎡
延床面積 / 255.78㎡
賃貸住戸面積 / 26.08㎡~48.95㎡
オーナー住戸 / 49.95㎡
施工 / 渡辺富工務店
photo by Noboru Inoue

ocation: Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo
structure: RC
site area: 98.42m2
footprint area: 71.85m2
total floor area: 255.78m2
photo : Noboru Inoue