The “calmo” is situated nearby Hirai Station in Edogawa, where apartments and small-sized multi-tenant buildings are gathered closely at each other. On its narrow and long premises, there are three triple-story units in a row, and rooms on the first floor of each unit have large windows that connect the rooms and the alley-like pathway outside. On upstairs, you can find a room with low ceiling suitable to be used as a bedroom and a white-colored high-ceilinged room with a kitchen. The contrast of these three rooms will create rich and varied living spaces within the small unit by going up and down the spiral staircase that penetrates through the three layers of such unit. Randomly situated balconies have planting pots, giving colors to the pathway as if it is a pocket park in town.


所在地 / 東京都江戸川区
規模構造 / S造 地上3階
主要用途 / 共同住宅(全3戸)
敷地面積 / 88.43㎡
建築面積 / 44.16㎡
延床面積 / 132.49㎡
賃貸住戸面積 / 42.67㎡~43.65㎡
施工 / 栄建
photo by 傍島利浩

location: Edogawa-ku,Tokyo
structure: S
site area: 88.43m2
footprint area: 44.16m2
total floor area: 132.49m2
photo : Toshihiro Sobajima