We raised the floor height on the first floor higher than the surrounding buildings so that it brings the street ambiance directly into the interior. The 2nd and 3rd floors were designed in a duplex style with stairs planned on the street side purposely. The idea was that the activities in the building would reflect and also connect with the movement of people both in the street and in the building.In addition, since the same client owned the property right behind the building, we had no problem making the green wall. This narrow building for rent, “the giraffe,” was designed to be considerably more open deeper in the back, which is an uncommon feature in an urban area such as Tokyo. As a consequence, natural light is allowed in and gentle breezes can flow through the building.


所在地 / 東京都
規模構造 / 鉄骨造、地上3階
主要用途 / テナントビル
敷地面積 /41.29㎡(12.51坪)
建築面積 /32.74㎡
延床面積 / 98.22㎡(29.76坪)
構造設計/ Q & Architecture 中原英隆
施工 / 岩本組
photo by 井上登

location: Tokyo
structure: steel
site area: 41.29m2
footprint area: 32.74m2
total floor area: 98.22m2
consultants: Q & Architecture Hidetaka Nkahara, structural
general contractor: Iwamotogumi
photo : Noboru Inoue