“balco” is a suggestive practice of a small-scale apartment houses in a dense residential area at the city center. We focused on the gaps between the building and the adjacent lots, which were necessarily made. These clearances were to be utilized at their best as a resource to retain abundant residential spaces and urban spaces as well as architectural planning. After almost all the legally possible floor areas were used for the plan, the remaining gaps were arranged in an elongated way next to the adjacent lot on the west, where common stairs and balconies were placed. Greens of the common stairs on the roof are running through the balconies and residential spaces swell towards the long and narrow balconies covered with steel-mesh. It is expected that such an affluent use of small gaps would continue from now on.

[新建築] 13年08月号
[Lives] vol.72
[日本建築学会作品選集] 2017年

[新建築] 13年08月号 text


所在地 / 東京都新宿区
規模構造 / S造、地上4階
主要用途 / 共同住宅(コーポラティブハウス4戸)
敷地面積 / 116.98㎡(35.44坪)
建築面積 / 71.85㎡(21.77坪)
延床面積 / 255.78㎡(77.50坪)
施工 / 山庄建設
プロデュース / 株式会社アーキネット
photo by 傍島 利浩